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WhatsApp Messenger latest version download 2020

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Download WhatsApp free for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry and more

Downloading WhatsApp for free is one of the main concerns of thousands of users when you buy a smartphone for the first time or change your device to a new one and that is precisely what we are going to try to explain in the lines that you will find below. However, we will do a brief review of the history of the service before, we will try to discover its beginnings, what it is and how to configure the app to start talking to all our contacts in a simple, fast and totally free way.
As you know,  it is an instant messaging application that allows us to get in touch with all our friends, acquaintances, family and other contacts that we have stored in our mobile phone's phonebook. In addition to being able to talk to them through unlimited text messages. It also allows us to send and receive multimedia content (photographs, images and videos), as well as audio notes, locations, share contacts and much more.
Recently, the boys of the company have integrated a new and revolutionary function that allows all users of the messaging service to call  all contacts who have the app updated to the latest version free of charge, something that surely This is true in all cases, since fortunately most smartphones allow you to update your applications automatically and instantly.

A little history and ... Download WhatsApp Free!

WhatsApp comes from the English expression of "What's Up!" which means approximately "What's up?", a phrase widely used among young Americans and widely used among the English population. Many users know the instant messaging application as "Wasap", "Whatsup" or even "Wasa". In fact, the term Wasap has already been accepted in the SAR to refer to it.
The company was  born in 2009 headed by Jan Koum and since then it hasn't stopped growing for a single minute . A few months after his birth he received a notable investment worth 10 million dollars from the boys of Sequoia Capital, which gave the company a great boost to expand through all the existing platforms at that time and be known to the public younger.
In 2013, it underwent a great growth that forced them in March 2013 to announce that the Android version would be from that moment an annual payment app , something that dissatisfied all the users of the Google platform and made it lose a great number of active users who opted for other free alternatives and with better support.

A purchase that completely changes the trajectory of the courier service

However, on February 19, 2014, it was announced that Facebook, created by Mark Zuckerberg, had purchased WhatsApp for a total of 19,000 million dollars , although the company would continue to have the same professionals and the company would be preserved as a company independent but capitalized by Facebook.
At present, it is important to understand that getting this free app is the most common thing in the world. It is the largest instant messaging application on the planet and  has recently managed to reach the chilling figure of 1,000 million active users per month , a figure much higher than the rest of the competition that little by little they see as they move away from reaching the records of the same and they end their attempts. According to the developers themselves, the figure could reach 1,000 million users in the coming months so we could say that the growth of "Wasap" is really impressive and that much better times are predicted.


WhatsApp for Android has never been so easy to download. And it is that thanks to the appearance on the Google Play Store, the official store of Android applications of the all-powerful Google, has greatly facilitated the installation of apps and games for our devices. So, we can download it for free on Android easily and in just a few minutes , something that we will explain step by step below:
  • We access the Google Play Store from our Android devices.
  • Once there, we simply have to go to the Google application store search engine (the magnifying glass) and enter the name of the app to download and install there.
  • It will be then when all the results referring to the search will appear and we will see how the first result of all is the official Android app , so we will continue to click on the button that says “Install” and follow the steps that appear onscreen.
  • Then it will start downloading on your Android device so we must wait for it to download and install the popular instant messaging app, something that will happen in a few minutes.
  • Once the app is installed, we will simply have to click on the icon and there we will have to start configuring it : entering our phone number when you ask for them, waiting for the activation, define a name so that the others see said nickname when they receive a message from us, profile picture ...


Getting WhatsApp for iPhone is also a very simple task since, like Android devices (or vice versa, since Android as we know it today was born after the iPhone) we have the App Store, the largest mobile application store for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and now the Apple Watch. So, let's see how we can have it on iPhone simply and totally free:
  • Getting WhatsApp free for iPhone is very simple.  We must first access the App Store, the Apple application store for your iOS devices.
  • Once inside, we will see that there are different tabs in the lower menu of our screens.  Featured, Success, Browse, Search and Updates, etc. So we will go to the "Search" tab and there we will enter the name of the app.
  • First, the official WhatsApp Messenger iPhone app will appear.  We simply have to click on the button on the right side "Get" to download and install the popular messaging app.
  • We will have to enter the data of our Apple ID account (if requested) and wait a few seconds for the installation of the app to finish. The download and installation speed may depend on our connection.
  • Once the download and subsequent installation is finished, we simply have to exit the App Store by pressing the Home button on the iPhone. We will look for WhatsApp in the springboard of the Apple smartphone. Once found, we will click on the link and continue with the steps that will indicate on the screen where we must enter our phone number to activate our account and other steps.

Windows Phone

Getting WhatsApp for Windows Phone , as in Android and iPhone, is really simple. The steps to follow are very similar since Windows also has a custom application store. This has been baptized as Windows Phone Store, where we can find a large number of apps and games for our Windows Phone:
  • To download it on Windows Phone we must access mainly the Windows Phone application store , called Windows Phone Store, which can be found in the main menu of our smartphone.
  • Once inside, we must use the app's search engine to easily search for it .
  • When the search results appear, we must simply access the first of all the results obtained  and click on the button that says "Install", depending on the version you have of the operating system.
  • When you finish downloading the app and the installation is complete, we will simply have to access the messaging app and follow there all the steps that are requested (phone number, image, name to display ...)


There is also a version compatible with Blackberry , all you have to do is follow the steps that we will mention below. It is worth mentioning that it has stopped supporting the Blackberry app. So the version we can find will be outdated. Even so, we can continue to use WhatsApp in Blackberry safely, although we must be aware that we will have more limitations than the other platforms.
  • The first thing we have to do is download it for free for Blackberry . For this, we have several options. We recommend that you do it from the Blackberry AppWorld (the official app store of the mobile platform).
  • Next we must select the corresponding button to start the download and later installation in our BB.
  • We will introduce our Blackberry ID (mail and password).
  • The download and installation will start automatically. So in a few minutes we will have WhatsApp in Blackberry quickly and safely.
Following all the steps we have left in the previous lines, we can download WhatsApp for free. We can do it for any compatible platform: Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Nokia, Symbian and many others. If you have any questions, suggestions or just want to express your opinion about this messaging service, use the comments below.
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