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KakaoTalk latest version download 2020 saimapks

KakaoTalk is a messenger service that allows you to send and receive free messages between Android phone and iPhone users anywhere in the world.

You can enjoy real-time group chat and 1: 1 chat without signing up and logging in, and easily send and receive multimedia such as photos, videos, and contacts. Start a more convenient and diverse multimedia chat with friends, colleagues, family with KakaoTalk.

Key features:
-Chat & multimedia transmission (pictures, videos, voice messages, music, etc.)
Voice stock and group calls with clear sound quality
-Face-to-face video call, Face Talk
-Use as a basic text app, collect text (Korea) Number, only available on some devices)
-KakaoPay until payment, billing, remittance, membership
-Useful and secure ordering information, such as ordering, delivery, payment, notifications Talk
-Find style, reservation and payment at once Kakao Hair Shop
-Various Emoticons and items store
-Chat smarter with schedules, votes, announcements-
Plus friends rich in benefits and information-
Easy voice reply from the wearable device


※ Access permission guide

[required access]
-Storage: KakaoTalk on the device Use to transfer or save photos, videos, and files

-Phone: Used to maintain the device's authentication status -Address Book: Used to access your device's address book and add friends

[Optional access]
-Camera: Facebook Talk, photo / video shooting, QR code recognition, credit card number Used to provide recognition
-Microphone: Used to provide voice calls and recording functions such as voicestock, facestock, and voice messages
-Location: Used for location-based services such as sending chat room location information
-SMS: Basic text app function

* Optional access rights used to provide you with the app without consent.
* The access rights of KakaoTalk app is implemented by dividing the required authority and optional authority corresponding to Android 6.0 or later version. If you are using a version lower than 6.0, you cannot allow the selection right individually, so we recommend that you check if the manufacturer of your device provides the OS upgrade function and update it to 6.0 or higher if possible.
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KakaoTalk latest version download 2020 saimapks KakaoTalk latest version download 2020 saimapks Reviewed by Saim khan on January 20, 2020 Rating: 5

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