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Firefox: the secure browser latest version download saim apks

Description of Firefox: the secure browser

Now Mozilla brings the improved version of your browser for all users of tablets and Smartphone: Firefox . With many more features suitable for touch screens, so that your browsing experience is the best.
Together with Google Chrome, it is one of the most downloaded browsers worldwide, being very safe, fast and reliable . In addition, it was created thinking of you as a user and what you need.
Download Firefox : the secure browser on your Android and iOS mobile devices and enjoy its utility and stability that make a difference when browsing.

The most intelligent, personal and safe navigation

Find in this app many advantages and benefits such as the fact that it allows you to perform quick and intelligent searches. It has direct and quick access to different search engines , such as: Google, Bing or Yahoo and to suppliers such as: Twitter, Wikipedia and Amazon.
In addition, anticipating your needs, it offers you very intuitively different suggested results of previously performed searches , so that you get what you are looking for in the shortest possible time.
You will find in this app a maximum level of privacy , now you have protection against tracking. This tool will automatically block web pages that can somehow track the activity you are doing.
It offers you the possibility to synchronize all your devices through your Firefox account , this will allow you to easily access your bookmarks, history and all the tabs that you have open both on your tablet, desktop or on your Smartphone.
This browser also has numbered tabs that are highly intuitive and visible , which will make it possible to easily find the content you are looking for. You can open all the tabs you want, without fear of getting lost while browsing all of them.
This browser will also allow you to customize it using different add-ons , such as: using password managers, ad blockers, administrators for downloads made, among many others.
Additionally, you can have quick access to " Favorites " so you won't have to waste time searching for your favorite content. It has a special function to perform Screencast , that is, you can send the content you want to the big screen of a SmartTV and watch it in streaming without any problem.

Firefox features: the secure browser

  • It has a simple, intelligent and intuitive interface thanks to which you can enjoy an incredible user experience.
  • It offers you various customization options from changing the whole appearance to adding extensions. Everything to your liking!
  • It has several improvements in the " Favorites " tab that will help you have a list of clean and well-organized favorite content, thus avoiding duplicates that may arise.
  • It has new internal elements that allow improving the speed of the browser and of course its performance.
Enjoy all the advantages offered by Firefox on your mobile device. You have nothing to envy other browsers. Take it into account when choosing a default browser.
Firefox: the secure browser latest version download saim apks Firefox: the secure browser latest version  download saim apks Reviewed by Saim khan on January 12, 2020 Rating: 5

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