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Brave Browser latest version download 2020 saimapks

Brave Browser description

Brave Browser: fast, secure and private browser is a new Android application that guarantees a better experience when surfing the web. It is responsible for blocking third-party advertisements for free , preventing them from tracking your personal information or infecting your mobile with malware.
Its main function is to give you security and privacy when you are connected to the internet. In addition, with this APK your device will be faster, without any interruption. Moreover, this browser is lighter , compared to others, because it consumes less resources.
This application is available for Android and iOS devices . It is worth it to have this browser and spend many hours connected in anonymous state.

Browse safely on your favorite sites

You can download Brave Browser: fast, secure and private browser from the app store for free. It stands out for being a very fast and secure browser , since it instantly blocks pop-ups, plugins and annoying ads. Security and blocking are adjusted in the menu located in the top bar. Also, you can modify the procedure of each website separately.
The Brave Browser increases the speed of your device from 2x to 4x, that is, the loading time of the pages is less, which allows you to save battery and data on your device, improving its performance. With it, you can spend about 2.5 hours more on the network without downloading your device.
Additionally, this browser includes AdBlock , which is an active pop-up blocker. It's totally free, and it gives you protection against information trackers.
Also, Brave Browser: fast, secure and private browser has high-level security and protection, such as HTTPS Everywhere, which is encrypted data traffic, blocks third-party cookies and private tabs when browsing.
Other of its interesting features is that you can play YouTube videos and audios , that is, you can play them without having the tab open. You can do others with your device and enjoy the audio, thanks to this browser. To activate this function, you must go to settings, multimedia, background videos and activate.
In addition, it has basic functions, such as managing bookmarks, history and the option to open different tabs in incognito . Not only that, you can block the appearance of information hosted on websites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Features of Brave Browser: fast, secure and private browser

  • It includes pop-up blocker .
  • It allows you to save data and battery considerably.
  • Block ads difficult to remove .
  • It offers you protection against tracking.
  • Keep a detailed history of your visits on the web.
  • It has a powerful search engine .
  • It has updates and news of the application.
Download Brave Browser: fast, secure and private browser now and forget about network trackers and trackers. Browse protected without limits for hours from your Smartphone or Tablet.

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