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TubeMate Latest App download 2019-20

TubeMate Description:

The free "TubeMate YouTube Downloader" app allows you to download any clip from the YouTube video platform with any Android device.

Once you have found your desired video on the mobile YouTube platform, one click is enough to save the video in the best possible quality (resolution) on the SD card. If you just want the soundtrack - for example, in a music video - works synonymous. "TubeMate YouTube Downloader" loads on request, only the MP3. For this you need to download the additional MP3 Video Converter app.

9YouTube Downloader for Android: Legal or not?

On the PC YouTube Downloader are widespread: In the download charts of CHIP, several tools have made it into the top 100. A completely different picture, however, in the App Store for Android: Hardly a YouTube Downloader can be downloaded here as an app. The reason: Google regularly removes apps that are designed for this purpose to protect its video platform.

But that does not mean that you have to do without YouTube Downloader on an Android phone. Many developers of such applications offer the apps for download as an APK file on their own website. One of the most popular YouTube downloaders for Android is the "TubeMate YouTube Downloader" offered here.

If you have ever wondered if it is legal to download videos and especially music from YouTube, you should look at the opinion of the well-known media lawyer Christian Solmecke in the video. There, Solmecke will explain to you in detail whether you need to worry or think about emptying the YouTube database.

What is TubeMate?
TubeMate is a very popular YouTube downloader for Android, which is also available in a modified form for Windows. TubeMate for Android is not available on the Google Play Store due to Google restrictions, but only as an APK. In addition to the version 2 of TubeMate available here, there is also a version 3, which has been visually completely revised.
Is it illegal to download videos from YouTube?
Does downloading YouTube videos violate the law? There is a clear answer to that: No! At least as long as the copies are used for private use. The reason why YouTube downloaders like TubeMate are not found in the Play Store or as a Chrome add-on is up to Google. Because Google wants to protect its video platform, such offers are regularly removed from the app stores.
Is music on YouTube free?
YouTube can be used for free. With "YouTube Music Premium", Google also offers a paid version of YouTube, which allows you to listen to music without annoying advertising, offline and in the background.
How do I save downloads on the SD card?
1) Click in the "Settings" of TubeMate.
2) Scroll down until you reach the "Memory" item.
3) Select "Folder for music files" or "Folder for video files". Define the desired storage location and confirm with "OK".
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TubeMate YouTube Downloader - Android App was last updated on October 31st, 2014 and is available for download in version 2.4.16 Build 743 here.
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